Medical Consultation

At Gauthier Health Care, we want to make sure we offer the most focused and personalized treatment possible to quickly restore our patients to their optimal health.

Therefore, all treatment at Gauthier Health Care begins with an extensive medical consultation geared at helping the doctor gain an understanding of your conditions: both present and past.

During this intake session, we collect the patient’s history, a list of current and prior symptoms and discuss the patient’s overall goals for treatment.

From these details, the doctor can form a working diagnosis and construct a treatment plan aimed at resolving a patient’s complaints as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

In addition to the consultations completed at intake, we recommend our consultations as a second opinion to anyone who has been ordered into surgery or diagnosed with major medical conditions.

Though our comprehensive services, we have been able to reduce pain in and keep 98% of our patients happy with the results.

Our physicians can also provide consultation available for court testimony and/or deposition, as long as the condition of concern is within the doctors expertise.

Should you wish to learn more about the intake / consultation process, or to schedule an appointment, we’d be happy to help! Contact Us today online or by phone for more information.