You are what you eat. Don’t put garbage in your body. Keep your engine’s fuel clean.

And even those of us who try our best to stay at a peak-level of healthy eating could use a little help getting the fuel that our bodies need to function optimally.

At Gauthier Health Care we have a variety of the world’s best dietary-aids: vitamins, minerals, supplements and teas -- that will supply or boost the elements in one’s diet that are lacking.

With regenerative properties to heal multiple body ailments, our supplements not only help to improve existing issues, but also provide that extra “umph” to elevate normal health to that of a sports super star.

Gauthier Health Care has helped multiple Olympic athletes and major sports idols reach their highest level of performance. We do this through discussion of existing eating habits, recommendations for nutritional supplements and dietary tweaks.

Should you wish to learn more about the nutritional supplements recommended by Gauthier Health Care, or wish to schedule a consultation, Contact Us by phone or by web to make an appointment. We are pleased to help you with a plan to reach optimal health.